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Inpatient Treatment

When an individual becomes physically dependent or addicted to a substance, the safest way to detoxfrom any substance is to enter an inpatient treatment facility where the client is medically supervised.As soon as admittance to the facility occurs, a staff member will do the intake to assess the drug ofchoice, how much the client has been using, the duration and frequency. After these factors aredetermined, the client will see a physician as soon as possible. The physician will determine the detoxprotocol and prescribe medications to help with the withdrawal and detox process. Clients are notallowed to hold onto these medications, they are locked up and a licensed staff member administers themedications in accordance with the physicians detox protocol. In general, the detox taper rangesanywhere from a week to several, all depending on each individual and their circumstance.

As the client begins to physically feel better, normally within 3-5 days, the residential facility willmandate the individual start joining in group sessions, meet with their counselor and therapist alongwith other scheduled activities. The purpose of this phase of treatment is to assess why the individual isusing drugs, uncover reasons pertaining to their usage, have a therapist help the individual deal withthose issues and learn how to cope with their feelings and emotions. Groups are designed to covermultiple topics: coping with feelings, relapse prevention, life skills, rebuilding self-esteem and so muchmore. Some facilities offer private yoga classes, meditation, acupuncture, massages, hikes, and otherforms of holistic techniques used to help individuals cope and learn new techniques and re-build theirlife skills so they can learn to cope in everyday life. It’s highly suggested the client move forward withtheir recovery by attending outpatient treatment during the day, and or reside in a sober living homethat provides the structure needed to succeed in staying clean and sober.